The amazing journey of the Indian Diamond heiress who decided to become a nun

AN EIGHT-YEAR-OLD Indian diamond heiress is turning heads after deciding to become a Sadhvi (nun).

Devanshi Sanghvi is the eldest daughter of Dhanesh Sanghvi and Amy Sanghvi. Mr Dhanesh is the owner of a diamond empire ‘Sanghvi and Sons’ based in Indian city of Surat.

Devanshi decided to live the rest of her life as a Sadhvi, after taking part in 367 Jain initiation events.

Ms Sanghvi’s parents have come under the scrutiny across the world. Her social media handlers claim that Devanshi’s choice of becoming a Sadhvi was not an imposed decision.

Dr Maulik Shah, Associate Professor, from Gujarat, said: ‘’I am a Jain by religion and agree that taking Diksha and leaving all is prayer in ultimate way. But I strongly disagree with the idea of Diksha to minors who are not in their full maturity and state of decision-making.”

The Social media pages depicting Divashi’s journey include a number of videos and statements detailing her transition into monkhood.

According to her relatives, the young girl was a regular participant in temple rituals and never watched a movie or television. She had not even visited a mall or had food from restaurants.

Geethika Sasan Bhandari, Founder of Let’s Raise Good Kids, Haryana wonders if an eight-year-old child is really ready to take a decision on giving up his worldly pleasure and move into a life of ascetism.

She said: “This is a very big decision and it’s important to be aware, to be mature and to have the wisdom to know what you’re doing before taking a decision like this.”

Geethika Sasan Bhandari on India’s concerns on child rights

Elaborate ceremonies were arranged for Devanshi’s initiation reception. A grand procession with songs, dance, drummers, ornamented elephants, camels, horses and ox carts took place in the roads of Surat.

Devanshi dressed up like a princess, with diamond-studded crown on her head while she reaches the ceremony titled ‘Divya Diksha Danam’ or The Divine Brilliance Initiation Donation.

After the ceremony, like other Jain ascetics Devanshi dressed in a white rob with her shaved head covered and she holds a broom in her hand.

Jainism is one of the oldest religions, originated in India before 2,500 years. It has over four million followers across the world, most of them are from affluent trading communities.

Jain monks are strict vegetarians. Some Jain ascetics cover their mouths with fabric to prevent them from accidently swallowing or killing insects.

A tradition ritual practice of extreme fasts come under criticism many times.

A 13-year-old girl in Hyderabad died after taking two-month strict fast as a part of their belief. During which she is allowed to drink only warm water twice a day.

After investigation police charged her parents with manslaughter.

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