Suffragette banner to go on display in Manchester to mark International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day the People’s History Museum in Manchester announced that an iconic banner is to go on display.  

The banner commemorating the founding of the Women’s Social and Political Union by Emmeline Pankhurst will be on display in June 2023. 

This year the Suffragette banner celebrates its 115th birthday as it signifies the start of the women-only political movement campaigning for women’s suffrage.  

Suffragette banner- Image accredited to the People’s History Museum

Head of Collections and Engagement at PHM, Jenny Mabbott said: “It is immediately clear why International Women’s Day is such an important date in the calendar. 

“As a museum that explores the fight for equality and equity, visitors will see how incredibly tough this has been for women. 

“We hope that in sharing these stories the museum can inspire future change and progress.” 

Manchester-born suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst was one of the founders of the highly influential movement to gain voting rights for women.  

Peoples History Museum – Image used with permission from PHM

Whilst covering various topics of social change and campaigns for rights from across society, the museum covers significant chapters in women’s rights over the years.  

The galleries located at Left Bank feature the Match Girls’ Strike of 1988 and cover the votes for women campaign which took place in the 20th Century. 

Their current banner exhibition includes the Ascott Martyrs quilt which was created by a group of women and their action led to picketing being made legal in 1874.  

Alongside the notable movements for better conditions and more national acclaim by women worldwide, the museum also features the commemorative plaque from the Dagenham Ford machinists who campaigned for equal pay.  

For further information about the suffragette banner going on display check out their Twitter and for information on visiting the museum visit their website

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