Students ‘regret’ move as new policy bans loved ones from UK

International students have shared their regret in moving to the UK after the enforcement of a new policy banning their family members from coming as dependents.

The policy, approved in May 2023 and enforced last month, was not welcomed by most international students, particularly the married international students schooling currently in the UK.

The move has shattered most international students’ plans and some of them are already regretting their decision of coming to the UK to study.

“I am beginning to regret my decision of coming to the UK to study,” Benjamin Nonso,(32), said: “The immigration policy has stopped me from bringing my wife to the UK, I do not think I can perform well academically without my family what is the essence of schooling and working here without them”.

He emphasised that his family support while schooling will go a long way in assisting him to excel in his academics.

CC: Eric Haynes

The new immigration rule which put an end to students’ dependents began on the 1st of January 2024, though students who are enrolled in a Ph.D. programme can still come with their dependents. The new rule has a negative impact on most international married students.

Chimeze Success, (30), said: “The immigration policy has disrupted my plan of bringing my wife to the UK.

“Other European countries allowed students to come with their dependents, I cannot imagine not having my family around me for some years, because I will not be able to focus on school and at work.

“The policy has a negative outcome this policy is indirectly separating married international students from their family”.

Benjamin added: “As an African we cherish family a lot, family is everything to us when you are with your family even if you are facing a difficult situation when your family are with you it makes it easy”.

International graduate students have voiced hope that the policy may be reversed in the future to better serve their needs.

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