Student rent strikers removed from Manchester University building by bailiffs

Screenshot from the Social Media Video

Bailiffs have forcibly removed Manchester University students who have been occupying a campus building for six weeks.

This came after students went on rent strike with the university being granted a possession order for the entirety of south campus in court yesterday. 

Protesters, calling for affordable rents, were taken from the Simon Building at around 6am, after a public declaration that they would not leave any other way. 

The group behind the protests said: “Shame on the university that they would rather do this than consider basic demands for affordable rent.”

Yesterday, letters were sent to occupants detailing the imminent arrival of debt collectors if personal rent instalments were not paid by April 3.

A spokesperson for the university said: “Following numerous communications to the small group of students illegally occupying University buildings, and repeated notices to end the occupation, we attended court on Monday to obtain a court order to regain possession which was granted.

“It is unfortunate that this action has become necessary, but the occupation has significantly disrupted the experience of other students and staff across the University and resulted in health and safety breaches, entry to private office spaces and injury to colleagues.”

The protesters have denied any injury to staff members, with a police investigation on February 19 finding insufficient evidence behind the claims.

This is the latest in a series of escalations between the two parties, with occupiers locked in the building by university security on Monday.

The rent strike group has used the events to reiterate their pleas for fellow students to partake in their referendum, which ends tomorrow and focuses on finalising the demands of the collective.

For updates on the rent strike movement visit their Twitter or Instagram.

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