Salford’s new £300k futsal centre will “revolutionise” the city, says sports boss

The launch of a £300,000 futsal facility which has just opened in Salford could “revolutionise” the sport, says a leading councillor behind the project.

The centre, which is the first of its kind in the North West, was given the get go after receiving £190,000 from the Government’s Football Foundation and a further £127,000 from Salford Council.

Futsal, a fast-paced street sport originating in South America, comprises of small sided games in a five-vs-five contest.

The sport, which differs from football in that players use a smaller pitch and smaller ball, reportedly aided the development of legends such as Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho in their youth.

Councillor Barabara Bentham, Lead Member for Environment, Neighbourhoods, Sport and Leisure said: “I am thrilled that the first dedicated futsal facility in the North West has opened in Ordsall Leisure Centre.

“This facility has been funded by the Football Foundation, Premier League, and FA with an additional £127,000 cash injection provided by Salford City Council.”

Futsal has seen a rise in popularity over recent years with the FA estimating 10,000 people participate regularly in England, with indications suggesting far more take part in a wider footballing experience.

Colin Bridgford, Chief Executive Officer of the Manchester FA, said: “Having a dedicated facility will increase participation as well as having a Futsal Development Officer.

“The vision of a dedicated league in Salford for both boys and girls is the aim and I am sure that we will see that clubs understand that futsal can provide an alternative, which this facility does.”

A group of Futsal players on the new court for the first time

This project has needed the council and footballing bodies to work together in order to achieve this milestone.

Mr Bridgford added: “The collaborative work of our partnership with the Football Foundation and Salford Community Leisure has been outstanding, both in vision, but in commitment to invest and develop the facilities at Ordsall.

“The futsal court is accompanied by great facilities for both players and officials.”

The Football Foundation is a Premier League charity which has invested £1 billion to improve facilities at grassroots level, including new pitches and changing rooms.

£1.3 billion of partnership funding has been recycled back into positive community projects which totals over £2 billion investments into grassroots clubs.

One aim of the charity is to improve mental and physical well-being through increased participation.

Robert Sullivan, Chief Executive of the Football Foundation, said: “Quality playing facilities can have a transformative impact on physical and mental health and play an important role in bringing people together and strengthening local community.”

Councillor Bentham added: “Futsal has huge health benefits particularly for younger people as it is a dynamic, fast paced sport which improves both physical and mental health.”

Futsal can be played all year around, with Greater Manchester offering both junior and adult leagues to participate in.

More information regarding the exciting new futsal venue can be found here.

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