MISSING – Appeal to help find missing dog in Hyde

Frankie, an apricot coloured cavapoo, went missing on 24 October 2022 in Hyde, after being spooked by a firework, when on a walk near Hyde Park, SK14 2EL.

Megan Litter was looking after Frankie whilst her mother was on holiday when the incident occurred. The cavapoo managed to wriggle out from her collar after hearing a firework to run to safety.

Her family have been searching for almost four months and with Frankie’s second birthday just gone – now couldn’t be a better time to get her home.

The family have reached out to Eccles Rambling Club, as well as many other walking groups on Facebook across Greater Manchester; they have asked for them to look out for Frankie during their walks and to share the poster to spread awareness.

People in the area have been asked to check their CCTV/ring doorbells, especially if they tend to leave food out for foxes as Frankie could potentially be consuming the food. Posters have been placed in pubs, parks and in local shops to help increase the chances of her returning home.

The #BangOutofOrder campaign is calling for tighter controls and regulations around the sale and use of fireworks in a bid to help animals and people who suffer from firework phobias and noise aversion.

RSPCA animal welfare expert, Dr Mark Kennedy, said:

“Fireworks are extremely stressful and frightening for many animals. Around 62% of dogs, 55% of horses and 54% of cats in the UK show signs of anxiety when they hear fireworks.

“Enough is enough; we need tighter controls over the sale and use of these potentially lethal explosives.”

There have been numerous potential sightings of the cavapoo in the Salford area – residents have been urged to notify the owners as soon as possible.

There is also a Facebook group   where updates are posted.

However, people are asked not to chase her if she is seen but to contact the following numbers:

  • 07305276769
  • 07960873400

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