Manchester’s Trafford Centre set to implement police station

The Trafford centre is implementing a police station inside it’s shopping mall in January 2024 as a result of increased crime and theft.

The Trafford centre is one of the UK’s biggest and major shopping centres with 300 premium stores inside and 44 million visitors every year.

Christmas decorations in the Trafford Centre-Image by Holly Angus

The Centre will see 8 officer’s on site including an inspector, sergeant and six constables where funding will be in place for three years to create a safer shopping space for both staff and customers.

As a popular destination for both locals and tourists, we asked shoppers how they felt about this decision.

One shopper told us “I think its an excellent idea, there is such a lot of people from all different backgrounds, we’ve got people from all different areas coming, travelling a while to come, to know that you’ve got that security there, its great.”

Also added her own personal experience “I’ve seen shoplifters and I’ve also seen drunken behavior, as in aggressiveness and the security having the deal with them.” “My daughter used to work here years ago and I used to be scared of her leaving at 10:30 at night because they get, you know some undesirables hanging about as well.”

Another woman with a Christmas market vendor stall told us “I think its a good idea, I think as there has been in the news a lot recently there is a lot of shopping lifting so I think a police presence can only help make store owners feel more comfortable”

A member of staff who works there told us about the crime she has saw “I’ve seen many people stealing, running, getting chased, a lot of young kids as well, so yeah I’ve witnessed a lot.” With another member of staff adding “It’s been needed for a while.”

Shoppers were warned earlier this year to be vigilant after a spate of vehicle theft after 11 arrests were made since 10 January 2023. There has also been an increase in dangerous weapons being brought into the centre. In September a group if three youths were caught with a machete and a large knife, arrests were made.

With Christmas soon approaching make sure to stay vigilant and safe while shopping.

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