Manchester’s ‘sister city’ and its famous clocktower

Faisalabad is famed as ‘Sister city’ of Manchester because of its strong textile mills in the world and, also for its rapid industrial growth.

You can buy a million rupees cloth in one day at any time because the cloth industry is a very wide range. It was one of the first cities that was planned during the British Raj and was founded in 1980 with the name of Lyallpur.

It is the third largest populous city of Pakistan. It was named after the founder of the city – Sir James Lyall, lieutenant governor of the Punjab.

Overall, Faisalabad has many connections to the British History. Like its famous clock tower, more commonly known as the ‘Ghanta Ghar’, is one of the oldest monuments that was constructed with a special design within the centre of 8 markets roads, because when you look it from above it looks like British Flag, that is still standing in its original form. It has a breath- taking look

It is just like the Manchester city that is why it is called as a ‘Little Manchester’.

The city is also one of the largest contributors to Pakistan’s GDP, averaging at about 20% of the total GDP.

Boasting a diverse culture, Faisalabad houses numerous places of attraction for tourists like large parks, restaurants, Jinnah garden etc. This city may definitely have been inspired by the British. There is also a large water foundation named as ‘Gumti Foundation’ considered as a British raj-era  landmark

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