Manchester solidarity for Iran Women Life Freedom March  

A march to spread awareness of the struggles of women and workers of Iran is to take place this weekend.  

Red Roots Collective – a group of Iranian socialists, are working alongside Manchester Trades Council to host an event of solidarity at All Saints Park near Piccadilly Gardens, on Saturday 11 February at 1pm.  

A member of the Red Roots Collective, Koosha Eghbal stated a solidarity focus was needed for the Iran situation.  

He said: “Right now, 500 people is the official record of people have been killed on the streets and tens of thousands of people been arrested and brutally tortured in Iran.  

“The original main slogan of this movement is ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’ and in Kurdish says ‘Jin, Jîyan, Azadî’ which we think it’s a very radical slogan because when you think of life and women’s struggle and freedom you have everything that you may want, as a form of emancipation.” 

The first of their Manchester protests took place on 25th September outside the main library at St Peters Square, however, this was violently disrupted by extreme nationalist groups which led to someone being severely injured. 

Due to the unexpected response of the previous protest, they have since been successfully working with Manchester Trade Union Council and they regularly meet and work with political activists. 

Law student and Red Roots Collective member, Charlotte Nolan has been involved within planning of the upcoming march.

She said: “I think it’s really important because it is very heartening, especially to the protesters in Iran that it is backed worldwide by people that are all supporting and fighting for the same kind of end result and supporting women, especially the protesters in Iran. 

Charlotte Nolan, Red Roots Collective Member, image by Harriet Muckle

“They’re under such a strict regime that you know severely impacts their human dignity and is also a chance for British and international activists in the UK to understand the struggles that are happening in Iran right now.” 

The event will see stalls and community and feminist organisations coming together to spread awareness, as well as the opportunity for a speak out. 

The Red Roots Collective are encouraging people to show solidarity with Iran and women worldwide. The event will start with a samba band leading the march and involve an opportunity for people to speak out.  

For further information on the event and how you can get involved within future marches, visit their website or their Instagram.

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