Man City’s new El Diablito due to arrive in January 2025

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Following the roaring success of Julian Alvarez, there is going to be another Argentinian wonder-kid making an appearance at the Etihad next year by the name of Claudio Echeverri. 

The 18-year-old wonderkid, who played attacking midfield for River Plate, has engineered his dream move this January after winning the Champions Trophy in Argentina. 

River Plate beat Rosario Central in the final by two goals in late December. 

Echeverri will be the second, after Alvarez, to move from River Plate in a clever deal from City. The deal includes an agreement to loan Echeverri back to River Plate for the 2024 year. Not unlike Alvarez’s deal in January 2022. 

The young Argentinian is held in high esteem by River Plate, prompting the club to lock him down on a four-year contract in 2022 to shield him from the interest of European clubs.  

Echeverri has earned an impressive nickname during his time at River Plate. Inspired by former Bolivian international footballer Marco Etcheverry, who was named El Diablo, meaning The Devil.

The older Etcheverry was renowned for his skill and service to the Bolivian international team, gaining over 71 caps for Bolivia and 13 goals. 

In inspiration due to the similarity of the names and styles of play of both players, the young Argentinian was named El Diablito, meaning Little Devil. The River Plate fans felt this was perfect due to his extraordinary dribbling, pace and shot power for his age. 

Jorge, 28, from Buenos Aires expressed his shock at the quality of the youngster:

“We see many young players come and go to Europe at River Plate and it’s a privilege to watch them.”

“Claudio will be a massive talent. He is dynamic and understands pressure. Even with such a young age, he will make it.”

The teenager has listed Lionel Messi and former River Plate midfielder Juan Quintero as his inspirations. 

The 18-year-old will remain at River Plate in 2024, but due to the success of Alaverz, there is no doubt that City fans will be eagerly awaiting another bright spark from Argentina. 

Ironically, the Etihad will be graced with the presence of a devil for a change.

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