LIVE: Salford travel to Chester for Varsity 2024

The University of Chester host the University of Salford for Varsity 2024, the annual clash between the two Universities. The sporting rivalry has been intensifying since the competition began in 2016 with the scores tied at 3-3 (plus a virtual title to Salford!)

Last year, Chester beat Salford in the overall standings, 15-12 but can Salford win it back in 2024? Today, the two Universities will face off in several events including football, tennis, volleyball, fencing and badminton. We will have live updates for you here on Quays News this afternoon.

Last year, Salford beat Chester in all three fencing disciplines and will be hoping for a clean sweep again today. Events start at 1pm.

Salford men’s team won the volleyball in 2023 2-1, but the women’s team lost 2-0 to a dominant Chester.

This is the first year Tennis has been a part of the competition due to Salford only recently establishing a Tennis society.

Keep up to date with our live blog:

21.35 – That’s all for today folks. Thank you for joining us for Varsity 2024. Congratulations to the University of Salford on their convincing victory over this year’s hosts Chester.

21.25 – SALFORD WIN VARSITY 2024 18-11!!

21.14 – It is all over! Salford beat Chester 74 – 56 in the basketball. Now we await the official overall result for Varsity 2024…

20.35 – The physios are on the pitch as one of the Salford lads has taken a blow to the face.

20.29 – I think it’s too late for Chester to get back into the Basketball as they trail Salford 43-29.

19.30 – The final event of the competition is under way – basketball. The crowd have stuck around for this and have kept the energy levels high.

18.30 – Salford have brought quite a large cheer team which we saw practicing earlier today but they are now putting on a show!

18.00 – FULL-TIME – Salford beat Chester 47-36. There’s just the Basketball to go now a little later on today. We think Salford might have edged Varsity overall but we await official confirmation.

17.30 – It’s getting louder and louder in here as Salford extend their lead 27-22 in the third quarter. The Kopparberg is going down nicely… that seems to be the drink of choice amongst the Salford fans.

17.14 – Just before we entered the sports hall, we bumped into the Rugby team getting off their coach, all smartly dressed with beers in hand, music blaring from a loud speaker. Everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves regardless of what the final score will be!

17.12 – It’s hard to call this netball match, it’s 16-15 as it stands to Salford, this is the first time the visitors have found themselves in the lead.

17.01 – Our reporter Tom Barlow has sent across some action shots from the men’s football which Salford narrowly lost 4-3. Read more about that match HERE!

16.55 – Chester are leading the netball 10-6 as it stands.

16.39 – We have arrived at the netball, the stands are full but quiet at the moment. It won’t take the crowd long to get warmed up I’m sure!

16.26 – And it’s a clean sweep again for Salford in the fencing as they win the epee 134-93.

16.24 – Do you think the police heard about the brawl at the women’s football or are they just here for the entertainment?

16.15 – Back to the football which is entering the final ten minutes and it is 4-3 to Chester. There is a large crowd willing Salford to find an equaliser.

16.10 – Oliver Andreas got injured in a bout earlier today and still managed to win. He said: “I was always up at the start of my fights so I could just be quite aggressive. I got quite badly slashed on my hand but it should be alright.”

16.02 – Fencer, Joseph Cook has given us a few words on how the day is going so far: “The day has been pretty excellent. Foil went to time but we had a comfortable lead so we took the victory. We have just won in Sabre and our epee team are very strong fencers so I’m confident we can get a good result in that as well.”

15.52 – As we wait for the epee to begin in the gym, the Salford team are letting their fans pose with the equipment!

15.47 – Salford won the foil and have now won sabre as well. The epee is about to get under way.

15.43 – Salford are winning 2-0 in the men’s hockey.

15.20 – The Salford fans might be making the most noise but it is Chester who take the victory in the final set. 15-12.

15.18 – It’s very loud here in the sports hall for this volleyball decider. The away fans are chanting “Salford on a bender” and the beer is sloshing all over the sports hall floor! I don’t envy the cleaning staff!

15.06 – Foil has ended. Salford took the victory 44-40 and are now moving on to Sabre.

15.02 – Volleyball is evenly poised 1-1 as Salford take the second set 25-16. We’re heading to a decider.

15.00 – Check out our live blog of the men’s football HERE! It’s currently 1-1.

14.59 – News from the women’s volleyball. Salford are one set down but fighting back in the second set, we might be heading towards a decider.

14.52 – There are three disciplines of fencing taking place today, foil is currently under way with Sabre to follow and Epee concluding the day a little later on.

14.33 – News is filtering through to us that the men have failed to retain their volleyball Varsity title after losing 2-0 to Chester earlier today.

14.15 – We’re hearing more about that scuffle in the women’s football. Chester were awarded a free kick seconds from the final whistle being blown but the player’s reaction to the foul earned them a straight red card. When the referee blew for full-time, that’s when tensions boiled over with both sets of players and their benches getting involved. This came after the linesman and referee had a heated exchange before we’d even reached half-time!

14.08 – It’s all over in the softball and it’s another landslide victory to Chester. Meanwhile, in the Gymnasium the Fencing is under way.

13.08 – Let’s get a bit of reaction from the rowers who are delighted with their win. Josh Wright said: “We’ve done remarkably well after our loss on the water a few weeks back to win here today. We’ve managed to pull it back!”

12.55 – FULL-TIME! The women’s football has just finished. Chester put in a dominant performance, smashing Salford 7-1. The hosts were 2-0 up at half-time after the referee controversially allowed the second goal to stand despite the linesman flagging for offside. Despite Katie Jenkinson pulling off some good saves between the sticks in the second half, Chester slotted five past the visitors who managed to net a consolation goal late on. A scuffle broke out at the full-time whistle between the two sides.

12.27 – Salford have just won the rowing 3-1. Today’s event was on the machines in the gym. The two sides sis compete on the water a few weeks ago but it was Chester who won that.

11.00 – We have arrived at Chester to cover this year’s Varsity 2024!

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