Journalists in Turkey face challenges during the earthquake aftermath coverage

Journalists have faced many challenges in Turkey during the news coverage of the earthquake’s aftermath.
Authorities do not give them information and they have been asked to get it from agencies.

Journalists are not allowed to cover the affected areas due to security reasons and emotionally it has been difficult for them to see thousands of dead bodies and millions of people living under the tents in the severe weather.
Aram Bakhtyar, a journalist from Kurdistan 24 tv Channel, who has been covering the news for a week in different cities and places in Turkey explained that it has been very difficult to get information about the loss and the victims as the authorities asked them to get information from the Turkish news agencies.
He said: “Security forces are everywhere, they don’t let us get closer to the collapsed buildings or interview the victims.
“The weather is very cold, we have set fire to warm ourselves, there are hundreds of journalists who have come here to cover the news from around the world.”
The earthquake killed more than 46,000 people in Turkey and Syria and millions have been evacuated, displaced and living under tents.
Mr. Bakhtyar said: “Emotionally it is very difficult to see all these people including children and vulnerable people living under the tents and there is not enough support for them in this difficult time.”

The aftermath of the earthquake in Diyarbakir in southeastern Turkey.

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