Iran puts more pressure on its people to prevent demonstrations

Iran has put more pressure on its people to prevent demonstrations while the loss of Rial value against Dollar has made the situation more difficult.
People have been forced to confess and sign papers on heavy bail to be released from prison following the Ali Khamenei’s amnesty.
According to Hana Human rights organisation, the amnesty is propaganda and it is another type of pressure on people to not participate in any demonstrations in future.

A short interview with Dr. Hadi Rasolzadeh spokesman for Hana Organisation for Human Rights.

Mr. Hadi Rasoulzade spokesman for Hana Organisation said : “It is to show to the world that they are kind but in reality, people have been released from prison on billions Rial bails. They forced them to sign papers not to participate in any demonstrations in the future.
“Islamic republic in Iran is trying to spread fear among people, for example in the last two months more than 20 people have been executed, these people have been in prison for 10, 15, years, they had not executed them, they have done it recently in Kurdistan, Tehran, in the South and west of the country to spread fear among people.”
According to Hana, from the beginning of the Jina Revolution until now, more than 20,000 people have been arrested, 530 killed, four executed and 116 accused of fight against faith.
Despite of all these pressures, people are suffering more because of the severe loss of their money value, and it has led to a further uprising.

The Hana’s spokesman said: “Iran has an economic collapse, for example in only one-week Iranian currency has lost 30% of its value, the Rial was trading at 630,000 on the free market against the dollar. This instability has led to protests and strikes by teachers, workers and pensioners.”

People are protesting and chanting ” It is a lie they say America is our enemy, our enemy is right here”, in Tehran, Today

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