Inspiring Hong Kong art on display In Manchester city centre

Strange Faces in the Mirror – Exhibition

For one week only, an exciting and evocative Northern Quarter exhibition is being held involving artists from the UK and Hong Kong highlighting their own individual identities.

Inside the exhibition building, there are three floors worth of artwork, with words on the wall and the thoughts of artists, each one inspirational.

The theme is a mixture of cultural identity and individuality, mostly in connection with Hong Kong. The Hongkongers, “a community moulded within a melting pot of cultures”, have highlighted how they find it hard to tell their own national stories.  

The exhibition encourages people to show off their identity

In total, eight artists, most of them with a connection to Hong Kong or China, have their work featured in the gallery. The artists have either lived in the UK their whole lives with a connection to Hong Kong or have moved to the UK.

One piece of art that sticks out is the ‘Cold Memories of Hong Kong’ artwork by Jasmine Gardner. It depicts her cold impressions of Hong Kong that stem from personal memories from her visit to Hong Kong when she was in the region following the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami.

One of the artworks on display by Jasmine Gardner

People who visit are encouraged to share the personal stories they may have from growing up as a Hongkonger or someone with a similar story. There is also the opportunity for people to share when they are most proud of their identity.

It is a brilliant showcase of individuality and creativity and is highly recommended for people who have any form of connection to the region mentioned or are simply interested in art.

The curator behind the exhibition is the Hong Kong Cultural Community, a non-profit organisation in the UK, dedicated to preserving and promoting Hong Kong culture.

The exhibition is currently on with free entry until Sunday, March 12 at the Saan1 art space in the Northern Quarter. Details can be found here.

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