“I spent almost 2 months in an Airbnb”: International Students in Manchester Struggle to Find Affordable Accommodation Amid Housing Crisis

International students studying in Manchester are facing an accommodation crisis as the city struggles to keep up with the demand for affordable housing.

Many of these students are currently facing an accommodation crisis, as the city struggles to keep up with the demand for affordable housing.

According to recent reports, the cost of renting accommodation in Manchester has risen significantly in recent years, with many landlords taking advantage of the high demand for housing.

This has left many international students struggling to find suitable places to live, often having to resort to shared accommodation or living further away from their university.

To better understand the situation, four international students from different countries studying in Manchester were interviewed.

students advocating for a better cost of living

Amaka, from Nigeria, said: “Finding an accommodation was both easy and hard. It is easy to find bad accommodation, the first one i found was the size of a shoe box and being almost 6” tall, it was very difficult for me.”

Similarly, Chioma, from Angola, said: “I spent almost 2 months in an air bnb because most landlords will ask you to provide a guarantor or pay 3 months upfront.”

Emmanuel, from Namibia, added: “There were lots of unresponsive agents, they reach out to you and when you get back to them, they stop responding after getting all your information.”

In response to the crisis, the SU President, Simeon Anyalemechi, said the SU had been working with local authorities and universities to address the issue.

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