Foundation 92 recognises ‘local hero’ as part of the EFL Community Weekend Campaign

Foundation 92 shouted out Kev McCloskey, communications officer of Clarion Futures, for his unwavering support towards Salford’s local community during this viscous cost of living crisis.

Working with Clarion Futures, a foundation focused on affordable housing, McCloskey provided food drops as well as heating, energy and budgeting advice for those most in need across Salford.

The English Football League campaign ran between the 12th and the 20th January, and involved all 72 English football league clubs, where certain individuals doing exceptional work for their community were highlighted by their local EFL team.

Kev McCloskey

McCloskey has continued his work, and on Monday, Clarion Futures, in partnership with Foundation92, announced the opening of a new warm and safe space at Sutton Community Centre.

McCloskey said:

“We’ve just introduced this warm hub, introduce people, have something to eat learn about working on a budget or how to not use so much energy”.

The space is open to people of all ages, and offers an array of activities including gaming, arts and crafts, dance tutorials, workshops wellbeing activities and exercises.

Foundation 92 Sutton Community Centre

Damon Traverse, Foundation 92’s Head of Media, was full of praise for the Salford hero saying:

“Kevs been amazing, we’ve worked with him a lot in terms of developing this centre (and) coming up with different ways to engage local communities”.

McCloskey remains loyal in supporting Salford’s local community, from delivering food parcels to people’s houses to setting up allotments where people can grow their own food.

Foundation 92 continues to hold a long-standing partnership with Clarion Futures, and the new warm and safe space will only benefit those within the local community.

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