Football Regulator “Too Late” for Greater Manchester Clubs

An independent regulator for English football is set to be announced on February 8, but any changes may not be enough for Greater Manchester’s clubs.

Bury have already fallen victim to financial difficulties, with Bolton only just escaping the same fate, whilst Oldham suffered relegation from the Football league last season.

Sitting at the bottom of League Two, Rochdale look destined to slide down the football pyramid in a similar fashion and Joe Heaton, match reporter for the club on iFollow, has reiterated concerns about the growing trend.

He said: “If you look over the past few years, it has predominantly been Greater Manchester clubs.

“If you’re obviously looking at the way Bury and Macclesfield have fallen, a lot of fans will say that they got no help from the EFL.”

Mr. Heaton cited how, over the 2020/21 season, Rochdale saw a loss of £1.2 million, with the club itself highlighting the pandemic as the main cause of financial deficits.

Culture Secretary Michelle Donelan’s proposal for the regulator is anticipated to revolve around avoiding another monetary collapse, as seen with Bury entering administration in 2019.

Yet, according to Rochdale’s stream commentator, government intervention has come “far too late” for a majority of teams circling the giants of Manchester United and City.

“I think there is a predominant focus on Premier League football and, obviously, kids growing up, you get the mickey taken out of you if you say you support Rochdale or Oldham,” added Mr Heaton.

With external help potentially closer than ever, Mr Heaton looked to the far future rather than the near with his aspirations for local clubs.

“Hopefully, with years to come, with this regulator coming in, it’ll get the clubs a bit more recognition and get the fans back through the gate.”

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