Flamenco company which ‘pushes the boundaries’ brings sunshine to Manchester

A Flamenco company is making a one-night stop in Manchester during their tour of the UK.

Originating from Andalucia, an autonomous community in Spain where the biggest cities are Seville, Málaga, Córdoba, the Daniel Martinez Flamenco Company represents the eight regions of Andalucia.

The music performed includes a full chamber orchestra created by Daniel Martinez.

After winning the Herald Angel Award at the Edinburgh International Festival and a sold-out tour in 2022/23, the British Theatre Guide have rated the ‘Andalucia’ tour 5-stars and said: “As with any good creative company, they strive to push the boundaries.”

Daniel Martinez Credit: danielmartinezflamenco.com

Arts Reviews Edinburgh also backed up the positive reviews by giving the Flamenco Company 5-stars: “Daniel Martinez always prefers to let his music speak for him, and watching his technical skills on guitar is always a little bit of magic to me.

“Superb technical skills are only a part of the equation though and to bring the music of Flamenco to life you need a passion and a love not only for the music, but for the people and the regions that the music comes from.”

Born in 1993 in Cordoba, Spain, Daniel Martinez studied Flamenco guitar from the age of 7 at the Royal Conservatoire of Music in his home city.

Daniel found his production company in 2017 and plans to visit a total of 42 locations in the UK in their second tour.

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