Fifty three weeks of marches for peace in Ukraine – and they won’t stop until the war is over

To mark the first anniversary of the Ukraine Russia War, a Manchester group held its 53rd consecutive weekly march, and pledged to continue until the war ends.

Over a thousand people turned out for a Manchester Stands with Ukraine Group rally in Manchester city, last week in solidarity of war-torn Ukraine one year after the nation was invaded by Russia.

People carried signs, flags and banners and chanted slogans and songs, expressing their solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Many participants also wore traditional Ukrainian clothing. They raised awareness of peace and solidarity for the victims.

Local leaders, religious clerics and heads of organizations of Ukrainians living in the UK and other communities have also joined the march. They have emphasised the importance of providing aid to those affected by war and called for a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Ben Shatliff, a member of the march, said: “This march is conducted with association of Ukrainians in Great Britain and refugees, we have this every single Saturday, and this is the 53rd weekend.

“We will go on until we are victorious, and Putin is totally defeated. The people of Russia had to rise up over the oligarchy.”

Flags of Azerbaijan and Hong Kong were also raised in the rally. People joined the march from Piccadilly Gardens down Market Street with more people then gathering around Queen Victoria statue in Piccadilly Garden for speeches and music.

Martin, a Ukrainian expat in the rally, said: “It’s been a year and the press are losing interest, we have pictures of war victims and horrors happening, we do this every week to keep the public aware of the war. We have to keep fighting until Putin loses.

“British support has been too perfect, they were the first to send Aid and many Britishers welcomed Ukrainian refugees to their homes.”

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