Council ask Salford residents how travel can be improved around the city

Commuters in Salford are being asked to fill out a survey on travel between two key Salford locations – Media City UK and Salford Crescent station.  

Salford city council are asking residents to give feedback on an online survey, to help better travel around the city, especially between its University campus and Media City UK.

The space between the two locations is a popular route for those commuting to work, university, school or for leisure and the council are asking for commuter opinion on how it could be improved after a bout of ‘ambitious hope and development’ within the city.  

The city is already seeing changes through the Bee Bus service, bringing together travel options across the city, under one local network. The aim of the fully integrated travel service is to provide better and safer travel run for people and not profit.

Bee Bus. Image Credit: Salford Now, Francis Barker

The Bee Network was launched earlier this year and they have proposed plans to create a ‘world class’ network by 2040.

It is stated in a article that: “By 2040 we want 50% of all journeys in Greater Manchester to be made by walking, cycling and public transport. This will mean one million more sustainable journeys every day enabling us to deliver a healthier, greener and more productive city-region.”

With the Bee Bus Network off on a good foot, Salford City Council is focusing travel into specific routes and locations.

In a statement to the council Stephen Rhodes, Director of Bus at TfGM, said: “We are getting on with delivering the Bee Network and this latest engagement exercise is an example of how people can have their say on improving transport in their area.” 

Councillor Mike McCusker, Lead Member for Planning, Transport and Sustainable Development at Salford City Council, said: “We’ve recently launched our Greener Salford campaign which highlights our commitment to making greener transport solutions better and more accessible. This call for feedback forms part of that as we look at ways of reducing car journeys and providing sustainable alternatives.” 

However, speaking to those who commute by bus in the area, and choosing a more sustainable way to travel, the same ambition was not shared. 

“I have to allow myself an extra hour of travel time, because the 50 bus is so unreliable”

The Stagecoach 50 bus runs between East Didsbury and Media City; The bus is the main travel option for university students who commute from the city’s main campus to media city. Students expressed how unreliable the service is.  

Alfie Mulcahy is a student at the University of Salford and said: “It’s ridiculous. I was waiting at [Salford] Crescent for ten minutes, and the next two buses were both cancelled, leaving fifty minutes between buses. I had to walk instead, which I wouldn’t have minded, but I was carrying heavy equipment.”  

His friend Matthew also commented on the service saying: “I feel the management of the 50 routes has been overlooked for too long by Stagecoach. The planning sees two coaches often appearing at once and then not appearing again for long intervals.”  

It’s something that they believe needs improving, as part of the proposed travel developments.  

Stephen Rhodes also said: “Salford Crescent to MediaCityUK is a busy route connecting two strategic locations in the city – and there is a strong requirement for a high-quality and reliable public transport service connecting these important destinations.” 

Beyond the wheels of the 50 bus, TFGM are also looking at travel for cyclists, drivers and pedestrians in between the two zones, urging that feedback to the current survey is going to be a huge factor of the developments.  

The commuter survey, which can be found on the Salford City Council website is open for feedback until December 3rd 2023. It’s one way that the council are giving its members a voice into ‘actively’ changing their city.  

Link to the survey here:

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