Controversial Tiktok shopkeeper ‘Wakey Wines’ who found fame selling PRIME drink will host Manchester club night

A shopkeeper who went viral on Tiktok last year is hosting a club night in Manchester next week (Feb 27).

Mohammed Azar Nazir, known as ‘Wakey Wines’, rose to fame on the video-sharing platform through selling popular energy drink ‘PRIME’ to customers in his Wakefield-based shop at inflated prices.

Since his viral fame, Wakey Wines has been travelling across the country to host similar club nights, that have included a chorus of his famous catchphrases and dance battles for bottles of PRIME.

In a video promoting another upcoming club night, Mr Nazir said: “We’re going to have a party, and you guys are going to hear my song, exclusively, in the nightclub.”

His unlikely move from shopkeeper to headlining his own club nights has left some club-goers baffled.

Wakey Wines has not been without controversy, being one of many newsagents that cashed in on the often-young audience going out of their way to source bottles of PRIME.

The energy drink was released last year, fronted by popular Youtubers KSI and Logan Paul, but limited supplies have only intensified interest in the product, with accounts such as ‘PRIME Tracker’ being set up online to provide live updates on where the drink can be found.

In one video, a family reportedly spent £1,070 on roughly 36 cans and bottles of PRIME and two bags of sweets.

Others have been rumoured to pay up to around £100 for just one can.

KSI, who promotes PRIME, said in an interview to talkSPORT: “I hate it, this guy called Wakey Wines who’s been doing it, I don’t know if it’s a joke or not but either way, it’s terrible practice.

“People want to try these drinks and have not got the chance to try the drinks.”

Tickets for the event at Factory 251 start at £1 and the event is set to run from 10:30pm until 4am.

More information on the event is available here.

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