Bury FC set to be blocked from making their return to the Football League

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Bury FC’s efforts to rejoin the football pyramid have reportedly proven unsuccessful, in the latest blow to the club.

The application to join the North West Counties League was made at the end of last month, but Kieran Maguire, football finance expert, posted last night that this was likely to fail.

On Twitter, Maguire said: “I believe that the Bury FC Supporters Society application to join the North West Counties league next season has been rejected due to issues of governance and a lack of a credible business plan.”

The news comes as another setback for the club, which was removed from the EFL in 2019 following an inability to start the season due to financial difficulties.

It was then placed in administration in 2020, before the stadium and trading name was bought back by a fan group.

Last year, attempts to merge the original club with a phoenix club by the name of Bury AFC failed to garner sufficient support.

Gigg Lane hasn’t hosted a professional men’s game since 2019

Following that vote between members of both clubs, the Supporters Society confirmed their intentions to submit the application in the belief it would help “unite a broken fanbase”.

It was also added that a second vote between the two societies had been suggested, with a unified team representing the best future for the town, but that the application was done as a precaution.

Bury FC Supporters Society have been approached for a comment on the situation, but are yet to respond.

One thought on “Bury FC set to be blocked from making their return to the Football League”

  1. There appears to be an agenda by various parties to stop football at Gigg Lane . The North west Counties League let in a club without a ground , without any history and refuse what will be Bury FC .
    There was a vote on amalgamation that didn’t succeed certain parties haven’t pushed for a re vote imposing onerous conditions that no reasonable group could accept . The FA have the final say and the authorities who let down Bury FC in their difficult times can right a wrong and let Bury get a team back at Gigg Lane .

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