Author: Rukayat Taiwo

Iwobi criticism after AFCON loss sparks debate around cyberbullying in football

Nigerian midfielder Alex Iwobi has come under criticism following his display in midfield during the African Cup of Nations final. The player responded to online criticism of his performance on Sunday by deleting his social media accounts, sparking debate around cyber bullying and how much criticism should be directed at footballers after a bad showing. […]

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Students ‘regret’ move as new policy bans loved ones from UK

International students have shared their regret in moving to the UK after the enforcement of a new policy banning their family members from coming as dependents. The policy, approved in May 2023 and enforced last month, was not welcomed by most international students, particularly the married international students schooling currently in the UK. The move […]

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International students battle health problems amid struggles to cope with Manchester winter

International Students in Manchester have expressed their struggles in coping with the significant drop in temperature during the winter as they continue their transition to life in the UK. A good number of international students of African descent are used to the warm temperatures that characterise the warm December and January months. These international students […]

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