A sustainable small business hosts an event, “For the people”, amidst the Chanel Runway elusive after parties.

To most Mancunian’s surprise, global fashion giant Chanel is hosting their annual Metiers d’Art Runway in the Northern Quarter today. An elusive after-party will always join any significant fashion event; however, most locals do not have an invite.

A small sustainable clothing market, Beg Steal and Borrow has found the loophole. Erin Taylor Thomas, who runs the sustainable business, has created an event to celebrate independent stores on the most significant date in the fashion calendar.

The event will be held in Blockbuster in the middle of the Northern Quarter and will feature Burlesque and Drag performances by local artists.

Erin Taylor Thomas said, “There was a huge lead-up for us. We knew the Chanel show would be here, but they hadn’t set the date; we booked our Christmas event, and then we found out it was the same date; I guess we just beat them to it.”

“It’s all been crazy and a bit of a gag. Everyone who works here keeps making jokes about Anna (Wintour) or Timothee Chalamet coming down for a few drinks.”

The event by Beg Steal and Borrow is a celebration of the people’s hard work in the local community and lets local businesses release some steam.

“We all just want to have a good time; if anybody wants to come and wants to shop small, enjoy the show, or even do some karaoke, there are still tickets left.”

“I don’t want to say that we are intimidated by the Chanel event, but it is very ironic. We have been quite lucky, and you meet many people in the Northern Quarter. It is a very close-knit community, and we all help each other.”

In comparison to the fashion house Chanel, Beg Steal and Borrow will not be making a profit on tonight’s event, and Erin Taylor Thomas has clearly stated that tonight is “For the people.”

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