REVIEW: OSMA: The Scandinavian cuisine which is simply seductive

As a self-proclaimed foodie bore, it is more often than not that I find myself wistfully skimming through the Michelin Guides pages, raising a brow at photographs of meticulously presented globs of sauce on petite pieces of meats galore, as if my pockets could stretch to infinite lengths. It was on one of these occasions […]

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Review: Lücky-Ramen + Sushi at MULE: a cosy haven tucked away from the chaos of Manchester’s nightlife

“Food served until late”, was music to my ears, after trapsing round the soggy streets of the city centre. Static traffic due to the curiosities of the exclusive Chanel show had made uber and public transport obsolete.  Third times a charm, was certainly the luck we experienced at Lücky- Ramen +sushi, after trying two larger […]

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Own image by Ella Nunn

‘From the Art of Salford’: an exhibition capable of filling a southerner with Salfordian nostalgia

Having lived in Salford for just six months, it’s difficult to feel an established sense of identity within the city. I walk through the shopping centre almost every day, enjoy venturing out to local greenspaces such as Kersal Wetlands and Peel Park, and often spend my weekends exploring new areas of the city. However, I […]

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