LGBT History Month Manchester

LGBT History Month: Salford support for the transgender community  

Salford’s trans community is in mourning following the tragic death of Brianna Ghey who was found in a park in Warrington. And coinciding with LGBT+ history month they have echoed the need for trans lives to be protected. The history month is arguably more significant than ever, with vigils being held in remembrance of the 16-year-old […]

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Manchester LGBT charity celebrates 20 years since repeal of controversial Section 28 law

The Manchester-based LGBT Foundation is celebrating 20 years since the repeal of the limiting law known as ‘Section 28’.  Section 28 was a Conservative law passed in 1988, which stopped councils and schools from promoting acceptability of homosexuality. After mass protests and significant campaigning by Manchester City Council, the law was repealed in 2003.  Head of communications […]

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